Thought on the Human Need for Heretics

It is absolutely fascinating to me to observe how so many human beings not only need heretics, but they need to punish heretics, for the fact is that while our modern age looks with alleged disgust at the idea of religious believers punishing religious heretics from ages in the past–for example, secularists love to bring up the actions of the Catholic Church during the inquisitions, etc.–in today’s age we see a secular version of Christian heresy-hunting, for it is the case that today we see how people who do not tow the party line on numerous left-leaning politically-correct issues (equality, feminism, so-called same-sex marriage, transgender issues, and so on) find themselves subject to the vile attacks of pitch-fork twitter mobs, find themselves losing their jobs, losing their paycheck, are forced down from prominent positions, are not given positions or promotions, are subject to extra-judicial “human rights” commissions, get sued, get tried in courts, and have difficulty getting hired once there “sins” are known, but even more so, the modern heretic, just like the heretic under Christianity, is called to repent of his heretical views and do penance by apologizing and wearing the proverbial sack-cloth and ashes until the great left-leaning mob grants him absolution, which they rarely do (and is it not also fascinating how even in this respect Western secular practices are parasitic on Christianity); and yet what is perhaps the most interesting thing about this universal human need to punish heretics, is that whereas today’s secularists punish anti-PC and anti-leftist heretics for obvious unrealities and insane myths (for example, there is no such thing as equality, men and woman are not the same or equal, same-sex marriage leads to absurdities, etc.), at least the Christians of ages past were punishing heretics for truth and for the salvation of the heretic’s eternal soul, and so at least Christians had a real and arguably justifiable reason to seek the redemption of heretics through their punishment, but today’s secular leftist heretic-hunters punish others for little more than absurd PC inanities, and that is just insane.


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