Thought on What Respect and Gentleness Is

In their scriptures, Christians are admonished to do apologetics with gentleness and respect, but what is all too often overlooked when this saying is brought out–especially when it is brought out by some anti-Christian who is trying to shame the Christians that are arguing with him for not being “Christian enough”–is that respect includes self-respect and so this means that a Christian should not stand idly by while some ingrate insults and demeans him, but rather should speak the truth and then, if necessary, wipe the dust from his feet and leave, for it must be remembered that Christians are not to throw pearls before swine just so that they can be trampled underfoot by dirty pigs; at the same time, it must also be remembered that gentleness is a relative term, for it is, for example, eminently gentle to simply restrain a man who is trying to kill you rather than killing him in return, and what this thus means for the Christian is that while polemics in the apologetics domain should not be the first strategy that a Christian uses when arguing for Christian Truth, it is by no means an impermissible strategy either, for if the situation calls for it, and if a Christian must stand firmly for the Truth, then there is nothing wrong with calling a fool a fool, or a foul loudmouth a foul loudmouth, for not only are these statements sometimes true, but very often they need to be stated as a potential wake-up call to the fool himself.


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