Thought on Islam, Atheism and Repeating One’s Desires

One of the most interesting political phenomena of our modern age is seeing how many of those on the left of the political spectrum (primarily) repeatedly and endlessly chant that “Islam is a Religion of Peace” even in the face of Koranic-scriptural evidence to the contrary, and the evidence of Mohammed’s violent life (which Muslims emulate), and the evidence of the 1400-years of expansionary conquest that is Islam’s history, and the modern evidence of Islamist terrorists supporting their actions by properly quoting the Koran, (and even the ironic evidence of Muslims who threaten to kill you if you deny that Islam is a religion of peace), and the reason that this whole issue is so interesting is because it shows the two-fold nature of the modern Left, which is, on the one hand, to use any tool, such as Islam, to attack, in any way, its main enemy, which is Western civilizational and the Christianity that birthed that civilization (for if Islam is a religion of peace, then you are a liar and a bigot if you deny that it is, which is precisely why the Left chants that Islam is a religion of peace and then shrieks “Bigot!” & “Racist!” at those on the Right who disagree), and then, on the other hand, its shows the Left’s cowardice and its desire to disconnect from reality, for the Left’s constant chanting that Islam is a religion of peace is not only a way for the Leftist to virtue-signal that he is no threat to Islam and thus that he should not be killed (or at least killed last), but it is also a way for the Leftist to noisily drown out, to himself, what he knows is true and sees all around him, which is that Islam is clearly not a religion of peace (it may or may not be true, but it is not peaceful in any meaningful sense), thereby helping the Leftist to maintain the delusion that he has established for himself (that Islam is, and must be, a religion of peace) regardless of the evidence; and in these respects what is also interesting to note is that this modern Leftist phenomena, in my view, is very much like modern atheism, for with modern atheism we see the same disproportionate focus on attacking Christianity in spite of the fact that other targets would be more appropriate for the atheist, and we see the same type of loud and repeated chanting (“There is NO evidence for God!”, “God is a sky-daddy!”, “God belief is for children!”) that makes you suspect that these are the cries of people who need to be so loud because they are trying to drown out that little voice in their head which is saying: “Look around you…its pretty clear that some kind of God exists!”


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