Thought on the Folly of Discounting the “Christian” Gospels

It is a fool who claims that the Gospels cannot count as historical evidence of the events recounted therein just because the writers of those Gospels were Christian believers, for if such a methodology was sound then, for example, we would have to take the absurd stance of discounting a post-event police report in which a man was charged with a criminal offence just because the police officer who wrote the report was a “believer” in the guilt of the man at the time that the police officer wrote his report, and yet, of course, we all realize that it is precisely because the police officer reviewed all the evidence in the matter that he then became a “believer” in the man’s guilt, and so then, and only then, because of the evidence, did the police officer charge the man and write his report, and thus his report cannot be discounted simply due to his being a “believer” in the man’s guilt; and so in the same way, the Gospels cannot be discounted simply because they were written by believers, for the Gospel writers only became believers after being presented with what they took to be convincing reasons and evidences, and thus they then wrote the Gospels, in part, as a record of the evidences and reasons that convinced them, just as the police officer writes his report after charging a man as a record of the evidences and reasons that convinced him to become a believer in the man’s criminal guilt, which is, of course, a perfectly reasonable and commonsensical thing to do.


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