Thought on the Self-Undermining Nature of the Multiverse on Atheism

As has been previously mentioned, the multiverse–the idea that there is an infinite, or near-infinite, number of universes that exist all with different fine-tuned parameters–is an idea that atheists often put forth to account for the intuitive design inference that comes from thinking about the fine-tuning of the universe, and while it is true that in most cases this multiverse idea is just a ‘get-out-of-God-free’ card, the fact is that this issue, for the atheist, is even worst than first suspected, for if the atheist embraces the multiverse idea, then the atheist must admit that there are a multiplicity of universes (possibly an infinity of such universes) in which there are whole worlds of people who think they have reliable senses and cognitive faculties (our reasoning, memory, thinking, decision-making, etc.), but who actually have utterly unreliable senses and cognitive faculties but who nevertheless still survive and thrive just by sheer chance, and yet since, in an atheistic multiverse, we might be in such a universe, and yet we have no way of knowing that we are not in such a universe, then we have no way of knowing if we should trust our cognitive faculties or not, and thus we should not trust anything that those cognitive faculties tell us for their reliability is totally unknown and inscrutable, and so the combination of the multiverse and atheism is in fact a lethal combination which gives us a good reason to disbelieve in the reliability of our senses and our cognitive faculties, and this, of course, is a combination which is fatal to all our beliefs, all our knowledge, and all our science; by contrast to this, on Christian theism, even if a multiverse exists, the reliability of our senses and cognitive faculties would be assured–for on Christian theism God wishes us to come to know of the truth of His existence and His nature through the universe, which necessitates reliable senses and reliable cognitive faculties–and so where an atheistic-multiverse leads us to a radical skepticism about everything, which is of course absurd, only on a worldview like Christian theism can we accept the multiverse and still believe in the reliability of our senses and cognitive faculties (and note that any attempt to accept the atheistic multiverse and try to statistically show that we likely live in a universe where people have reliable cognitive faculties and senses is simply begging the question for it assumes that our statistical reasoning is sound to begin with, which is exactly the issue in question).


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