Thought on the Dishonesty of Modern Feminism

In today’s politically correct and progressive era, feminism, with its alleged claim to be a movement that seeks social and professional equality for women, is one of those ideological ideas which every right thinking person is supposed to support (at least those on the left-side of the political spectrum think so), but one of the ways that we can come to see that feminism is not actually about true equality–at least not in today’s day and age–but is, of course, about what most such ideological movements are about, namely power, is the sheer lack of any call for equality to be reached in terms of the jobs and positions that are the most utterly dangerous to the human person (mining, construction, forestry, etc); indeed, there is a massive “death gap” which exists between the sexes in terms of their professional fields–meaning that men are employed to a much greater degree than women in the jobs that are much more dangerous and which have a not insignificant fatality rate–and if feminists were truly about a genuine and honest equality in all its aspects, rather than about a selective equality which provides them with greater power (CEOs, equality in ‘white collar’ jobs, etc.), then we would expect feminists to be pushing for full equality in these dangerous fields, or else we would expect them to be trying to ameliorate the dangerous field and then push for full equality inside it, and yet that is exactly what we don’t see, which, in turn, lends credence to the claim that today’s feminism is about gaining power, not about a true and full professional equality (and lest anyone complain that feminists do not push to get in these dangerous fields because the particular fields are swamped with men, the answer to such a silly objection is that not only is doing so precisely the whole point of feminism in the first place, but also that there is nothing to stop feminists from pushing to form all female work parties in these dangerous fields if they really wanted to push for full equality in these domains, and yet, of course, they don’t even do that, so the objection is spurious).


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