Thought on the Dishonesty of Atheistic Appeals to the Multiverse

We all know that in order to avoid the intuitive design implications of the fine-tuning of the universe (as well as for other reasons), some atheists love to employ the idea of the multiverse–that reality is composed of a nearly infinite, if not infinite, amount of universes–and the multiverse idea, if it is to have any chance of being an adequate explanation of the fine-tuning issue, must embrace the claim (as stated) that there exist an incomprehensible amount of universes, and that most likely, there are an infinite amount of other universes out there, and so fine-tuning and other concerns are no big deal, for with an infinity of universes, such things are bound to happen; and yet, what ‘multiverse atheists’ so often fail to realize is the absolutely absurdity that embracing such a view places them in, for in an infinite or near infinite multiverse, not only is it is the case that fine-tuning occurred, but it is also the case that in a number of these universes (in fact, in a possibly infinite number of universes!), my cat wrote this paragraph by chance simply by stepping on the keyboard of my computer (and it wrote about writing this paragraph too!) and so, given this, and given that in a multiverse there are arguably as many universes where my cat wrote this paragraph as there are where I wrote it, then that fact is that the multiverse proponent would be hard-pressed to know or rationally distinguish which position was true (for not only did he not see me write this paragraph but he also holds a view, as stated, where it is indeed possible, and almost certain, that in some universe a cat wrote this paragraph), and so what all this means is that if the multiverse proponent is going to genuinely embrace the multiverse and all its implications, and if he is going to be intellectually honest and consistent, then he should embrace such absurdities as the one mentioned above…but, of course, the multiverse proponent never does so, and this is because we all know that in many ways what the multiverse is for the atheist, is not a genuine idea to be lived with in reality, but rather, it is a ‘get-out-of-God’ free card that the atheist likes to employ when backed into a corner, and that is why atheistic appeals to the multiverse are so often so intellectually dishonest.


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