Thought on Self-Esteem and the Waning of Christianity

One issue that is not often discussed amongst Christians, but which I believe should be discussed much more widely, is how detrimental the so-called ‘self-esteem’ movement in our Western young people has been to their belief in orthodox Christian theism, for the self-esteem shtick, on the one hand, is correct in saying that people are of inestimable worth, but their focus is incorrect given that it places the self-esteem elsewhere than in the person being made in the image of God, which is where our true worth and value comes from, and yet, at the same time, the self-esteem movement makes our modern generation believe that they are somehow deserving of literally sitting at the right-hand of the Lord for nothing other than simply existing, whereas, in reality, none of us deserve even sitting in the darkest and dirtiest corner of heaven, and so such a realization as the latter one does not sit well with the self-esteem crowd; and so I contend that this rise in ‘self-esteemism’ is a strong reason for the modern shift that we see in young people from embracing God as a just and holy and righteous Being, to preferring to see God as the friendly but flimsy grandfather of Moral Therapeutic Deism.


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