Thought on the Irony of Scientism

Although this is a point not often brought up about the scientism and scientific fetishism of our age–essentially, that “science” and experimentation is the only (or only really good) way to determine what is true–it is a point worth mentioning, for there is great irony to this particular point, which is that if a person does embrace scientism (as articulated above) then that person has actually lost all of science, for the definition of what is science, and the demarcation between what is science and what is not, and the principles that establish how science should be carried out, are all philosophical issues which cannot be determined by “science” or by experimentation, and thus the science fetishist, by embracing scientism and nearly deifying all science, actually loses all science itself, for he has essentially embraced a worldview which provides him with no legitimate means of knowing what science is or how it should be practiced, and thus he has no legitimate way, on scientism, of calling one thing science and another thing not; and so in seeking to raise science up to the highest level by embracing scientism and the deification of the scientific enterprise, the science fetishist actually raises it up so high that no one can see what science is anymore and thus no one can even know what the hell it actually is….and the irony of seeing the intellectual folly of scientism implode in such a way is quite delicious.


2 thoughts on “Thought on the Irony of Scientism

  1. The self-defeating nature of scientism–a stance that I have never met anyone online or in real life that actually holds–is often discussed. But I have only ever seen it discussed in stawman arguments.
    If you’re going to dedicate time to attacking atheism, I’d take more time to understand atheism and the views of atheists. Because your criticisms are not touching real atheism at all, only your imagined atheism.


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