Thought on Only Holding Truth Sacred

Jonathan Haidt, in his work of morality and social psychology, has shown that both the left and the right hold certain things sacred, and Haidt has also shown that when anyone or any group of people, left or right, hold something sacred, that sacred thing binds and blinds the group to that sacred thing, so that the group (or the single individual) will forego anything and everything else, including the truth, in order to protect that sacred thing, but since a Christian apologist can never lose sight of the truth, nor can he place anything above it, this means that the Christian apologist must only hold the truth sacred and nothing else; and yet, note that for the Christian apologist this is not at all a problem, nor should it generate any fear, for since God is truth, and since the truth is God, the Christian apologist, by holding only the truth sacred, is simultaneously holding God sacred, and so the Christian can readily accept the idea that he need only hold fast to the truth and nothing else.


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