Thought on One Difference Between Islam and Christianity

One simple way to immediately perceive the stark difference between Islam and Christianity is to examine their respective holy texts–the Koran and the New Testament (as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church)–and then examine the adherents of the respective faiths who hold to those holy texts in an extreme and wholehearted way, for when you do, what you see is that the extremists in Islam are, more often than not, jihadis and bloody-thirsty warriors of Islam (a 1400-year history of conquest and attack), whereas in Christianity, more often than not, the extremists are the Mother Theresas, the Dietrich Bonhoeffers, the William Wilberforces, the Maximilian Kolbes, the Father Damiens, and numerous other missionaries and saints who care for the sick in the dark reaches of Africa and Asia, or who found charities, or who take in the homeless, etc.; and for those who might claim that this is too simplistic and that the faith of Islam has its saints as well, note that Islam lionizes, most of all, its warriors, and that there are few if any Islamic charities in the world that serve all people openly (even the Red Crescent is a parasite on the Red Cross), and that there is certainly no known Mother Theresa-type figure in all of modern Islamic history….but there is the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, and al-Qaeda, and Al-Nursa, and so on and so forth.


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