Link…Time to Get Rid of the Atheists at Univerities?

In a post at the ‘Shadow to Light’ Blog which was discussing the discrimination that Christians experience trying to get into higher education, KIA says the following (his statements in italics and mine in normal print):
Colleges and educational institutions generally do discriminate, if that’s the word you want to use for judge or discern intelligence or intellectual competency, against people or all ilk that believe this that are not true, scientific or demonstrable to be existent and in accordance with Reality.
Christians can cry if they want, but if you want to believe the unbelievable and teach the unverifiable …Then you will be excluded from teaching opportunities where you would have platform to mis educate young impressionable minds and made to defend your indefensible claims.
My God, by this standard, we need to remove all the atheists and naturalists from higher education as soon as possible.  Consider:
Atheist:  There are nothing, and then….NATURALISTIC MAGIC….the universe!
Atheist:  There was no life, and then….NATURALISTIC MAGIC….life!
Atheist:  There was no consciousness, and then…NATURALISTIC MAGIC….consciousness.
I could go on, but you get the idea.
If we want to talk about unverifiable evidence-free claims, atheism and naturalism lead the pack by a wide margin.  Furthermore, and here is the ironic part, at least on Christian theism we have an omnipotent God who, by definition, could make miracles happen, but we have no idea if NATURALISTIC MAGIC has the causal resources to do so.  So, in actual fact, the Christian has a more rational, sound, and comprehensive point of view than naturalism does.
Its called calling b s on unsubstantiated and unproveable belief systems of Faith in the face of evidence based reality.
I.E. – Atheism and atheistic-naturalism.
Occam’s Razzor is a bear isn’t it?
For naturalism, absolutely, given that the simplest and most parsimonious worldview is immaterialism, not materialism (and remember, the burden of proof is on the materialist to prove the existence of matter…so good luck!). So yes, Occam’s Razor is a bitch for the naturalist and for the atheist (given that atheism is hard-pressed to be coherent on immaterialism).

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