Thought on the Unity of the Left with Islam

One of the things that has always struck me about the modern Left is the utter hypocrisy that they exhibit in terms of their disparate treatment of Christianity and Islam, for while Islam is even more opposed to Leftist ideals, ideas, and protected victim groups, the Left is substantially more virulent and aggressive in their attacks on Christianity than they are with their attacks against Islam–and here, in fairness, I must admit that many atheists are equally opposed to both, and are vocal about their equal opposition, which is to their credit–and while I understand that from a political perspective this has to do with the Left 1) using Muslims as a protected victim class with which to be able to beat-down the Right as “un-compassionate and bigoted”, and 2) secure more voters against the Right, and 3) gain more power, and also 4) because many Leftists are cowards who know Muslims will actually fight back against them, from a spiritual perspective I am left to wonder if the affinity comes from the fact that, at their core, both modern Leftism and Islam are falsehoods which are also cultures of death (Leftism: Abortion, non-reproductive sex, euthanasia / Islam: Jihad, fatalism, permissibility of abortion as well) and so, while different in the details, they are family at their core, and this is why they have this strange alliance against the truth and the culture of life:  namely, orthodox Christian theism.


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