Thought on the “Interesting” People of Hell

Atheists often quip that even if a hell where they are separated from God exists, they will not mind going there, for all the interesting people are in hell, and meeting such people and discussing with them would be a rather good time they say, and yet what is not realized is that in an eternity of time, and understanding that familiarity breeds contempt in men still open to sin (as they are in hell), and in contemplating the fact that the interesting things such interesting people will have to say shall be completed in what seems like a blink of the eye when compared to the eternity of hell, then one begins to realize that in hell, the interesting people shall soon lose their interest, and your interest in them shall soon morph into cold contempt and tortured hatred as you relive and hear the same thing from them over and over again; for the fact is that all finite endeavours and activities, if engaged in for an infinite amount of time, soon become so repetitively burdensome as to be hellish themselves–which is what hell is, and where the pains of hell come from–and this is why only the infinite good that is God could satisfy man for an infinite amount of time, which, in turn, explains, in part, why heaven is heaven and hell is hell.


7 thoughts on “Thought on the “Interesting” People of Hell

  1. Reblogged this on R.E and commented:
    Should this convince me that heaven is a destination I want to go to? All it does is make me thankful that such a place probably doesn’t exist, and that some people really need to stop supporting a belief that claims to be capable of such suffering.


    • No, religionerased, it is meant to stop atheists from making moronic and snide comments about something that they clearly have not though much about.

      And, quite frankly, I couldn’t give a rats ass if you want to go to hell or not. God was gracious enough to grant you with the free choice to make that call, so who am I to block you from doing so?

      It’s like me telling you to get out of the middle of the street because a bus is barrelling towards you. If I tell you once or twice (and assuming you are of sound mind), and you don’t wish to get out of the way, well, I am happy to then wipe the dust from the bottom of my feet and leave you to your decision. You are an adult after all.


      • The difference here is, someone chooses to walk into the middle of the street and into the route of a bus. I did not ask to be born, so why should I come into existence only to be threatened with such a choice? I shouldn’t have to make such a choice if I didn’t ask to be born into such a horrible scenario.
        You can keep arguing all you like for a god you haven’t met whilst accepting your fellow brothers and sisters are punished, this makes you weak, with a horrible ‘teachers pet’ vibe. You keep trying to please that god of yours, what a great person you are 🙂


      • religionerased,

        True, but life is tough, so stop whining about it and deal with what’s in front of you with the options that you have. Second, I suspect that your outrage is rather selective given that I am willing to bet you are not equally outraged at your parents for giving birth to you and forcing you into the “horrible” scenario of living on Earth with its pains and sufferings. Third, it is not a horrible scenario but rather one which we face daily: will I live for someone else (God) or for myself (freedom in Hell). The fact that the freedom of hell necessarily comes with the pain that freedom necessarily provides is just the way that it logically must be. Finally, there is the possibility that God will simply annihilate those that desire not to exist, and so your objection is moot as you can have your wish of never being born retro-actively.

        As far as the latter half of your comment, that is the shit I expect from a twelve year old, so pardon me if I provide it with nothing more than this one comment.


      • I totally accept that life is tough when it isn’t purposely made to be tough by a creator. My parents brought me up as best they could, so no I do not blame them for anything. If you live for someone else (someone that you have never met and only been told to live for), you are a weak person.


      • The purpose of life on theism is to test you morally in order to see, through your actions, whether truly desire God’s will or your own will, and if the test was not tough, then it is pointless and not effective. So on theism, a tough life is not at all surprising. And so whine about this reality all you like, but it is what it is.

        Finally, your “if you live for someone else, you are a weak person” comment appears to be assertive idiocy, at least at this point. Can you please provide some evidence or argumentation that demonstrates this to be the case, or shall I just need to accept your assertion of it?


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