Thought on Atheists as Whiny Children

Whenever I hear of atheists stamping their feet and “bravely” declaring that they won’t believe in God unless God appears to them, on their terms, and provides them with some arbitrary and subjective but always flashy miracle, I cannot but help thinking of my five year-old child who sometimes looks at me with a pouty face and boldly declares that he simply will not believe that I love him unless I buy him some big and flashy toy that he personally wants and finds subjectively satisfying, and I marvel that my son does make this demand of me even though, to any reasonable person, my love is amply shown by the fact that I brought my son into the world without needing to (something existing rather than nothing), that I provide an orderly and clean and liveable house for him (a well-designed universe fit for life), that I cloth him and provide him with good food (a well-designed and livable Earth), that I institute rules that keep him safe and are in his best interests (the existence of an objective moral law), and so on; thus, when my son does make this ridiculous demand of me–as if I, his father, need to prove my love to him by meeting his arbitrary demands–all I can do is look at him with sternness and ensure that he gets precisely the opposite of what he wants, and so I can only imagine what God–a being infinitely greater in comparison to man than a father is to his child–can think when a man makes such a petulant demand of Him.


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