Link…About Why Conservatives are Quite Rational to Distrust Certain Sciences

A new study shows this:  “New Study Indicates Existence of Eight Conservative Social Psychologists [in total…out of hundreds, with most of the others being clearly liberal, not center or moderate].”


Now, since scientists–especially scientists in the soft sciences like social psychology–are entirely susceptible to bias and motivated reasoning, then, when you have a field dominated by politically slanted individuals, thereby meaning that both the researchers and the peer-reviewers are entirely of one political viewpoint, then two issues arise:  first, any results, especially results which produce outcome favorable to liberal ideas, become highly suspect, and second, it is entirely rational for conservatives to not trust this kind of “science”.  Thus, the idea that conservatives are fools for “not trusting science” has things exactly backwards, for when you have an entire discipline utter opposed to your point of view, it is eminently rational not to trust it, at least not until you verify the result for yourself.




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