Thought on the Rationality of Christians

To the unbeliever, the upcoming claim may seem quite bizarre, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to dispassionate rationality and a cool and unemotional consideration of the arguments at hand, it is actually the Christian, and not necessarily the unbeliever, who has as equal or better of a chance at being utter rational in his argumentation, for in knowing that it is ultimately only the Spirit of God, not arguments, that can save men and bring people to a relationship with the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity, and in also knowing that Christians are perfectly rational to personally believe in God on the basis of their experiences rather than arguments, and in simultaneously  knowing that God is truth and desires no lies in defense of His name, and in additionally knowing that since Christianity is truth than truth and knowledge should not be feared but rather embraced, and in finally knowing that his only apologetic task is to speak the truth rather than be convincing with it, the Christian not only has no need or reason or motive to twist and embellish any of his intellectual arguments, but he is positively commanded not to do so on pain of sin and damnation, for liars shall not inherit the Kingdom; now, of course, many Christians many times do suffer from biases and embellishments in their arguments (as do all men, like Christian truth teaches), but the fact is that the true Christian, in realizing what his actual apologetic task is–namely, to present the truth as rationally and directly and clearly as possible–is in possession of the worldview that can render him the most intellectually honest that a person can be.


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