Thought of the Reasonableness of Doubting Evolution

Despite the vociferous and cantankerous protestations and lamentations to the contrary–always a sign, by the way, that an argument is weak given its need to be supplemented by loud, emotive, and propagandistic voices–the fact of the matter is that it is eminently reasonable to doubt in the molecules-to-man, blind-watchmaker evolutionary narrative, for when that narrative is subject to critical and impartial and skeptical scrutiny, there manifestly appear so many gaping holes in it (abiogenesis, the evolution of consciousness, language, etc.), and so many claims build on shaky ‘just-so’ stories (claims about the development of the eye, the brain, etc.), and so many events with weak to non-existent explanations (the advent of sexual reproduction, ), and so many questionable and suspicious inferences (as are any inferences into the deep past), that if this theory were forced to make its case in a court of law, there would be a vast number of ways to create reasonable doubt about its veracity, and so it is simply ridiculous to claim that one could not reasonably doubt this naturalistic evolutionary narrative; now, this is not to say that this narrative is necessarily false, but simply to say that it is readily false to claim that this narrative cannot be doubted by a reasonable man, for it most obviously can be.


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