Thought on Intelligent Design being Considered Scientific

Given that, as history often shows us, a plain and obvious truth can only be denied and suppressed via a constant and endless barrage of harsh and even threatening propaganda against it, then, with this in mind, a man can come to realize that one of the reasons that the anti-Intelligent Design (ID) crowd is so utterly desperate to forcefully push the narrative that ID is not a scientific inference is precisely because ID so obviously is a scientific inference that that plain truth cannot be allowed even a moment to breath lest it be readily accepted; after all, ID uses the same ‘reasoning to the best explanation’ methodology as many historical scientific endeavours do, it deals with ‘design’ and ‘intelligence’ which are things we already know about and have experience with, its inference is naturalistic when made as just an empirical inference, and finally the fact is that if such projects as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is considered scientific, which it is, and if ID uses the same sort of methodology and reasoning as SETI, which it does, then ID is a scientific inference just as much as SETI is.


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