Thought on Immigration and Cultural Relativism

One clear fact which serves as strong evidence against the idea that all cultures are equal and that no culture is better than another is that in our world today, and as was the case in the past, the movement and immigration of people seems to move in one main direction, and thus the very feet of the great masses, as they purposely move from their culture to another culture, shows us which culture they believe is better; but if all cultures are equal both when considered in their totality and when considered in different aspects, then we would expect large movement across all cultures as different people should find different cultures more appealing, and yet that is precisely what we do not find in our world.


One thought on “Thought on Immigration and Cultural Relativism

  1. Alternatively, people fleeing violence and/or poverty are not simply expressing a preference for one culture over another. Neither is the distribution of violence and poverty in the world simply an artifact of cultural difference as both those phenemona have the impactof colobialism written all over them. But of course one of the benefits of exporting violence and poverty to third world countries is that it gives smug supremacists the chance to pretend people fleeing that violence and poverty counts as evidence of their own cultural superiority.

    …and then to pretend this arrogance has anything to do with Christianity.


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