Thought on Forgetting the Totality of the New Testament

Another thought inspired by Commenter KIA (thank you, KIA, seriously):

In a propagandist and disingenuous attempt to use their own sacred tools against them, all too often those Christians who are not merely mewling cows who will roll-over and expose their necks for the unbeliever’s intellectual slaughter but are rather direct and forceful in their denunciation of anti-Christian stupidity and bias, will encounter unbelievers who try to shame them by claiming that such polemical and verbally-harsh Christians are not being very “Christ-like” with their words and are not following the tenets of Christianity very well; however, what both these shame-attempting unbelievers forget, and what the Christians who are swayed by such pathetic and transparent shaming-tactics forget, is that the Jesus of the New Testament was also the Jesus who threw the money-changers out of the temple by force and violence, and the Jesus who was direct and verbally-biting with the religious leaders of his day, and the Jesus who told us not to throw pearls before swine, and the Jesus who told us to wipe the dust from our feet and be done with intransigent unbelievers, and so what being “Christ-like” actually entails is reading a certain situation and deciding which aspect of Jesus’ character to follow in that specific situation, for sometimes people just need a verbal smack-down and there is nothing “un-Christ-like” about that if the context is right and appropriate for it.



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