Thought on Christians and Rudeness

When Jesus cleared the money-changers out of the temple by force, he was no doubt called “rude”, and when Paul called unbelievers men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, he was no doubt called “rude” as well, and when countless saints and heroes of the Church condemned the sins and wickedness of others for countless years since the founding of the Church, they were no doubt called “rude” and “harsh” and “uncharitable”; so what the example of Jesus and Paul and the saints tell us is that we should not give a bloody damn about being called “rude” so long as we speak the truth in a manner that is warranted by the situation and the facts at hand.


4 thoughts on “Thought on Christians and Rudeness

    • KIA,

      Can I ask: Why this attempt at blatant ‘not acting like a Christian’ shaming? Its pathetic. Furthermore, I have been reading my New Testament, and it is perhaps you who have forgotten that Jesus cleared out the temple with aggression and rudeness, that Jesus was direct and verbally biting with various religious leaders, that Jesus told us not to throw pearls to swine, that Jesus told us to wipe the dust from our feet concerning certain unbelievers, and so on. So perhaps you need to refresh your memory about what the WHOLE of the New Testament presents to us.


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