Thought on Denying Eye-Witness Testimony

This ‘Thought’ was inspired by the following post:


As is the case with some atheists, the man who broadly and/or strongly rejects the trustworthiness and reliability of eye-witness testimony on the basis of studies and/or scientific findings which allegedly show its unreliability is a self-undermining fool, for in order to rationally believe and accept and trust a study or scientific finding, a person must not only trust the eye-witness testimony of the people who did the study, and those who reviewed and edited the study, and those who reported the study, etc., but a person must also trust his own sort of eye-witness testimony to himself concerning seeing the study, remembering the study, and so on; thus, to reject eye-witness testimony in a broad and/or strong way is to simultaneously reject knowledge, rationality, and science altogether….it is, in other words, utter folly.


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