Thought on the ‘Who Created God’ Objection

Note that if the atheist truly believes that the ‘Who (or what) created God?’ question is a knock-down retort against the theist, then the same atheist should realize that the ‘Who (or what) created the universe?’ question is an equally devastating objection against the atheist, and thus the atheist gains no advantage over the theist in posing this causal question, for both the atheist and the theist seek after some ultimate first cause; and note further that if the atheist can claim that the universe has no cause and is just a brute fact, then, by parity, nothing stops the theist from using this defense as well, so the ‘who caused…’ question, if actually taken seriously–and it should not be–is as allegedly deadly to atheism as it is to theism.


2 thoughts on “Thought on the ‘Who Created God’ Objection

  1. I am an atheist. I am open to a wide range of conclusions about where this whole thing started, and not having the answer would also be acceptable. I cannot imagine how disproving any theory could be devastating to an atheist. We can be wrong about a billion different things and still not believe in god. Being wrong or not knowing something doesn’t prove that magic is the answer. We can just keep searching for the answer.

    Theists have limited themselves to only one acceptable conclusion. They have attempted to solve life’s greatest mystery by jumping ahead to a god conclusion and then forcing the pieces to fit. There is no searching, and all evidence that goes against the god theory cannot be considered.

    We can’t yet prove what the correct answer is; but I can certainly make an excellent case for which side has a better method for discovering it.

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