Thought on Christianity and Calling It Truth

One of the things that I truly dislike–although I admit to doing it myself from time-to-time–is when Christians call Christianity a “faith” or “their faith” or “the Christian faith”, for while the Christian is indeed faithful and trusts in the Lord (which is the true meaning of ‘faith’), the fact of the matter is that Christianity is first-and-foremost the Truth; and so, even if only for propaganda purposes, forget calling Christianity the “Christian faith” and call it what it truly is: the Christian¬†Truth.


2 thoughts on “Thought on Christianity and Calling It Truth

  1. KIA,

    I have played this game with atheists for too long and wasted too many hours doing so. Therefore, before I answer anything, let me ask you these questions:
    1) If it could be shown, to your complete satisfaction, that the Christian God exists and the Christianity is true, would you immediately bend the knee, worship God, and become a Christian?
    2) In light of the above question, what would clearly convince you that Christianity is true?
    3) Using the common understanding in today’s culture, and specifically from a moral perspective, would you count yourself as a conservative (pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, etc.) or a liberal (pro-choice, pro-secularism, etc.)?
    Thank you.


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