Thought of Science and Faith

One of the things that the ‘science-not-faith’ fetishists routinely forget is that science (or, specifically, scientific realism) rests on a bedrock of faith, and even blind faith at that: for example, the principle of uniformity, both as it extends into space and into the past, is simply taken on faith and assumed to be the case; the fact that other scientists have reported their results accurately is taken on faith, for no one reproduces all the experiments that have been done; the fact that our senses accurately track reality is largely a faith-based proposition; the claim that our cognitive faculties can properly understand the world is simply assumed in science; the claim that language, which is the tool used to transmit scientific results, can accurately describe reality is a faith-based idea; the justification of the process of scientific induction is simply assumed, and so on and so forth.


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